Sandra Emslie Artist

Artist's Statement

 I am interested in the elements of colour and pattern to evoke rather than describe a subject. Painting mainly in oil, a variety of subject matter interests me.   

I am drawn to the agricultural landscape of my upbringing.  This part of the eastern coast between the Grampians and the sea is softly undulating arable land full of rich colour and pattern.  

The changing seasons and ever changing transience of light are rich factors when looking for subject matter. Haymaking, harvest and ploughing together with strong yellows and pinks of gorse and willowherb supply an ever changing source of exploration.

Figurative work still features in my painting and a visit to Japan allowed me to explore my interpretation of colour and pattern in the Japanese culture.

I work in all media but have a preference for oil.  Ideas start from sketches and photographs which become small colour studies.   

Some of these are left as small works in their own right others I develop into larger works either on paper or canvas. 

The sizes range from 9"x9"  to   4' x 4'